sábado, 5 de novembro de 2011

Breakfast With Bonnie

Today I got inspired by Bonnie. She is a guest blogger from DESIGNLOVEFEST, that is where I found here with the most lovely breakfast! She has her own blog called B for Bonnie, where she shows a piece of her own life and passion. So today I made my breakfast, thinking of bonnie and having a peacefull morning time.

This is Bonnnie´s breakfast, doesn´t it just look so yummie!?

Here is my breakfast with; to start an earl grey tea with milk and sugar, my own homemade cake with chocolat, nuts, apple and muesli with dried fruits and wich I have baked in my stonewood oven, some banana and pineapple fruit salad, doesn´t matter wich fruits I´ve got, I always have got to make a little fruit salad in the morning, it is so important to get these vitamines in the begining of the day! Some nuts wich I have picked in France and a little coffee.
Thank you bonnie to make breakfast so much fun!

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  1. You are so beautiful, i will try to make my breakfast so beautiful too xx


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