quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013


Yesterday it was my 29th birthday. I had a lovely dinner with my Love and friends, and saturday I´m gonna give a hack of a party!
I got some really nice presents. My yoga teacher and good friend gave me a little pack of floragami or kirigami.
Kirigami is an art form related to origami, but with a difference that is reflected in its name. In japanese, oru means "to fold" and kami means "paper". Kiru means "to cut", so kirigami is when cuts as well as folds are used to turn paper into works of art.
I already made some kirigami flowers as you can see on the pictures down below.
I goot some really nice bracelets to. From left to right: the green one with the silver button or zeeuws knopje I got from my aunty, zeeuws knopje means "button of zeeland" the dutch province where I was born and where these buttons are worn with tradition; the purple bracelet with the anchor my sweet cousin made it, she´s very talented with jewelry (just as I am); and as last the beautiful bead worked bracelet comes from India and my friend Veena, who´s half Indian, gave it to me. I´m very happy with these beautiful gifts! And I had a great sunny birthday!


segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013


Sometimes I think I get a bit obsessed with Pamela Love...aaarrrrggghhh her jewelry is so gorgeous!!!
And she inspired me to take a jewelry course myself, something what I always wanted to do since high school, but I went another direction and studied Design of Equipment.
Yet, I always made jewelry (as you can find in my Etsy shop) but never with precious metals.
Now my dearest granny gave me the chance to take this jewelry course. She offered me, for my birthday, the money for the course. When I got it in the mail, I got so excited and couldn´t shut up how happy I was (still am). Thank you so much granny for this chance!
Now I´m full of ideas and hope to start make jewelry and make my daily job out of it. This for me is really a dream coming true!
Now here have a look at some of my favorite Pamela Love pieces...

Brass and Antique Silver Empire Necklace  Brass, Bronzed Silver & Turquoise Large Empire Collar  Bronze &Turquoise Empire Reflection Necklace
Silver & Turquoise Pyramid Pendant Silver and Lapis Mountain Cuff Silver & Amethyst Small Eclipse Necklace
Antique Silver With Carnelian Empire Wing Ring  Bronze and Turquoise Paramount Double Ring  Sterling Silver Empire Ring



Wauw look what I found!
After my post about the peacock bedendings from Family Love Tree today, I´ve found this picture of Pamela Love´s her wedding and look what is in the background! One of the peacock´s bedendings! What a coincidence!
By the way, I love Pamela Love and recently got my two very own pieces from her collection. I got the Day Of The Dead necklace and ring in antique silver. Hope to show you some pictures from the pieces after my birthday party next coming saturday...

domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013


Wauw and wauw!
Found these gorgeous peacock bed endings true Moon to Moon who always finds the most gorgeous things on earth!
You can find these bedendings, also peacock chairs and much more lovely things on the Family Love Tree website.
They´re a bit expensive for my pocket, but tottaly worth it, because they are all hand made and I respect those who ask a good price for there handcrafts.
Maybe one day Í´ll buy one...and make my bedroom my dream room...
Queen Peacock Bedhead Jade King Single Lady Peacock Bed Head Pink

Queen Bed Head Tangerine King Single Peacock Bed Head White

sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013


Here are just some pictures of my dog Samson when we were on holiday next to the beach.
And the last picture, can you see what it is?

sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2013


Wauw! Just love this picture, it says so much...it has such a story! On top of the roof, after the rain, with the sun shining true the grey clouds on this pretty girl.
Found it on this fun blog Coconut, Lemon and Lime


Back from a short holiday on the beach...I´ve been, in my mini van, in Melides this place where I´ve lived before. It was great!
Lovely weather, my friends, b-day party, carnaval party, beach, long walks, singing, creativity, painting, music, loneliness, my dogs, sun, rain and lots of happines!
Didn´t take so many pictures, I didn´t have any batteries and was just to lazy to buy some...
Yesterday was great! Great valentines day. I woke up my baby with a special breakfast, homemade heartshaped muffins and melted chocolate saying "AMO-TE" wich means love you in Portugese, together with a selfmade heartshaped card with an invitation for a heartshaped chocolates culinary lesson from me to my love.
That was a lot of fun to, to do. We made all kinds of chocolates with coconut, sesame seeds, cherry jam, but in the end I was really full of chocolate...
Later we had a great dinner out at a great restaurant, I really enjoyed Valentines day this year!
Thank you baby for your existance!

sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013


I was wondering around my favorite blogs and got to this image from Pony Gold, I really love it because it is so simple yet so eyecatching. This woman makes the most beautiful drawings wich I love! Got to try drawing things like this myself.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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