quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013


Yesterday it was my 29th birthday. I had a lovely dinner with my Love and friends, and saturday I´m gonna give a hack of a party!
I got some really nice presents. My yoga teacher and good friend gave me a little pack of floragami or kirigami.
Kirigami is an art form related to origami, but with a difference that is reflected in its name. In japanese, oru means "to fold" and kami means "paper". Kiru means "to cut", so kirigami is when cuts as well as folds are used to turn paper into works of art.
I already made some kirigami flowers as you can see on the pictures down below.
I goot some really nice bracelets to. From left to right: the green one with the silver button or zeeuws knopje I got from my aunty, zeeuws knopje means "button of zeeland" the dutch province where I was born and where these buttons are worn with tradition; the purple bracelet with the anchor my sweet cousin made it, she´s very talented with jewelry (just as I am); and as last the beautiful bead worked bracelet comes from India and my friend Veena, who´s half Indian, gave it to me. I´m very happy with these beautiful gifts! And I had a great sunny birthday!


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