segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013


Sometimes I think I get a bit obsessed with Pamela Love...aaarrrrggghhh her jewelry is so gorgeous!!!
And she inspired me to take a jewelry course myself, something what I always wanted to do since high school, but I went another direction and studied Design of Equipment.
Yet, I always made jewelry (as you can find in my Etsy shop) but never with precious metals.
Now my dearest granny gave me the chance to take this jewelry course. She offered me, for my birthday, the money for the course. When I got it in the mail, I got so excited and couldn´t shut up how happy I was (still am). Thank you so much granny for this chance!
Now I´m full of ideas and hope to start make jewelry and make my daily job out of it. This for me is really a dream coming true!
Now here have a look at some of my favorite Pamela Love pieces...

Brass and Antique Silver Empire Necklace  Brass, Bronzed Silver & Turquoise Large Empire Collar  Bronze &Turquoise Empire Reflection Necklace
Silver & Turquoise Pyramid Pendant Silver and Lapis Mountain Cuff Silver & Amethyst Small Eclipse Necklace
Antique Silver With Carnelian Empire Wing Ring  Bronze and Turquoise Paramount Double Ring  Sterling Silver Empire Ring


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