My Friends Art

Here I´m painting an antique milk or water vase. It is the vase from a local artist who I asked if I could paint it and after give it back to him. He is an artist who makes a local instrument calded ADUFE, you can see the painting from the squares on top of the vase wich are the ADUFES. It also has the colors of the portugese flag, red, yellow and green.
It was a lot of fun to do this project and for sure I´m beeing looking out for more of these vases!

This is Mr. José Relvas, or Sr. Zé as I call him, he is the artist who makes the Adufes. If you are interested in these instruments and maybe want to buy one, you can contact and phone him to 00351962692887, but... he only talks portugese or a little bit of german. I painted the vase for him as a nice gift of friendship.

                     SOFIA THE DRAGON

This is my friend Sofia. She makes the most beautiful paintings and drawings. I already told her to make a book with all the lovely things she makes. If you want to see more from here work, you can visit her blog.



Here are some origami art pieces. I remembered to put them here on my blog because I saw some nice origami in Flow magazine.
This star my friend Silvia Lopes (see down this page) made it and was selling them very cheap (only one euro!) on a arts market.

This beutiful box was made by a japanese girl and I exchanged one of my bracelets for it. I love it, it is so pretty!

and top.
This pink octogonal origami my best friend Andreia made it and gave it to me for my twenty birthday. (long time ago)



Here are some beautiful paintings from my friend Silvia Lopes. She studied arts on the university of Évora and has many crazy beautiful paintings, also handmade carpets (which she won a price with) and many other interesting creations.
These are two paintings she gave me which I preserve with lots of love.

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