I have finally created my own ETSY page, so come and have a look what nice things I´ve got there.
My speciality is jewelry: I love to work with natural materials, so as semi-precious stones, wood, metal, but also waxed string with the most beautiful colors! I use to make macramé, wich is a tecnique with honderds and honderds of knots. I love to make earings with metal dread and beautifull beads. I make bracelets, brooches, and much more!


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  1. Beautiful works !
    If you are up to make a banner exchange with Trance Moon download store for 1 month, let me know. I can place your banner (150px - 150px) on Trance Moon forum and I send you one of my with the same measurements.
    All the best Mercedes.

  2. Mercedes, tens que me mandar a tua morada, porque eu quero uma "bracelet rainbow before 25€ now18€" (:
    ass : Sara Belo (gigas)


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