sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013


"Het Podium" was a swinging dancing bar from my stephdad in the end of the 70's. He showed me a little story and some pictures wich were written (in dutch) on Wikipedia about the bar. 
There's one picture where everybody is dancing and my mom apears on that picture when she was around 18 years old long before she knew my stephdad!
It makes me so proud to read this story and see these pictures, it gives me so much energy and power to keep on going in my own life and dreams for the future!

 Bestand:Raadplaatje dansvloer Podium december 1981.jpg
The woman in a leopard pants, black shirt, brown boots, with her head turned back is my mom when she was around 18 years old!

Bestand:Bar Podium december 81 Erik Kettman Hans de Graaf.jpg 

Bestand:Podium 1981 Maria de Lange en Marijke Smulders.jpg  

Here I will show you some pictures from Erik Kettman, our belofed artist friend wich past away already many years ago, but he was so special and marked me in my life.
He also was a worker in "Het Podium"and very good friend of my dad and mom.




terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013


This picture is from my friend Leonor, I kinda stole it from her from Facebook because I really love it!
She will see it anyway here on the blog, I hope she will feel honored with it...

sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013


Here I am with a great post! I went to this typical popular Portuguese festival, were I saw Skunk Anansie for only €10!
It was such a great concert, Skin has such an energy , always interacting with the crowd jumping around and dancing!
I even have touched her when she was crowling on top of the crowd, what an honour!
I took hunderds of pictures, but it´s not easy to take pictures of an artist who´s always running around, still got some sharp ones!
Doesn´t she looks cool in her shinny shimmering suite!?



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