sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013


Here I am with a great post! I went to this typical popular Portuguese festival, were I saw Skunk Anansie for only €10!
It was such a great concert, Skin has such an energy , always interacting with the crowd jumping around and dancing!
I even have touched her when she was crowling on top of the crowd, what an honour!
I took hunderds of pictures, but it´s not easy to take pictures of an artist who´s always running around, still got some sharp ones!
Doesn´t she looks cool in her shinny shimmering suite!?



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  1. Wow, nice pictures! I also saw them live at the pukkelpop festival in Belgium, two years after the horrible storm and she asked us to scream for twenty seconds to honour the people who died there, she is amazing!


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