quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012


I will get a lot of angry people with this post, but I never liked I PHONES and now after seeing this information and reading about it even less! The truth is, you are paying a big amount of money (I don´t even know how much and I don´t even want to know) for a product wich is made with no respect for the workers! Please my dear readers and dear people, before you buy something, inform youself about where it was made and did the people get there good rights. Ok, even I sometimes get products wich are made by people in not the best conditions, but what makes me so angry is that everybody talks so "good" about there I MAC and I PAD etc. etc. while it is just a real shitty product made by people who have dreams just like us and who work in the most shitty circumstances. Did you know that there is a high number of suicide by the workers of these I PHONES and that they jump of the buildings where they work???  Please take a look at these videos and get well informed...

see more you tube videos about this issue here

Sorry for this, but some things just make me so angry!!!

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  1. re: sorry, the words came out the wrong way indeed. but the both of us did wrong, but yeah I could have said it in a nicer way, I'm sorry

  2. re: oh, thanks for your understanding :( And thanks! I love H&M too :)


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