sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012


I had this funny idea to make a cactus pot out of a skull cup, that I wasn´t using as a cup anymore. So take a look how I did it.

This is what you need: -a cup in the shape of a skull (you can use
                                     whatever shape you want)
                                      -adhesive tape
                                      -a small drill
                                      -tiny cactus

Put some adhesive tape on the bottom of the cup, this will help for the cup not to crack when you drill it.

Whit the drill make a little hole, on top of the adhesive tape, in the bottom of the cup. After you make the hole, take of the adhesive tape.

Put the earth into the cup untill it is full, leave just a little space on top for the water not to run over the cup.

Put the tiny cactus on top of the earth (watch out for your fingers, you can use gloves if you want) but don´t put it to much into the earth, just on top.

Give some water to your tiny cactus, so it can create its roots.

And here you are, your own skull cactus!

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