domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012


I really love these beautiful pieces from Rejoice The Hands.

Image of the Thunder Eagle Necklace          Image of the Warrior Shield Cuff

Image of the Kaleidoscope Ring         Prism - Porcupine Quill Tassel Earrings

the Warrior Arrow Ring         Image of the Warrior Cuff

3 comentários:

  1. wow! this stuff is amazing! i like the thinder eagle one especially! and the earrings! such talent!

  2. re: please stop asking if I wanna follow you on bloglovin'. when people want to follow a blog they simply do, the blog-'owner' shouldn't have to ask them first :) I'm just saying..

    and where I find all inspiring pictures.. well, they are all over the internet! haha.. and sure you can use that image, it isn't mine anyway so.. but it's nice of you to ask anyhow!

  3. re: so now I'm an evil girl or what are you saying? Haha.. I didn't want to be MEAN, I just told you that YES you've asked that before and that I don't want to follow you :)


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