domingo, 18 de março de 2012


Yesterday I was looking at the picture with the turqoise room and thinking about my dream. My dream is to have a room like this one day, in a house I´ve seen many years ago and always wished it would be mine one day.
 It is an old ruin, in the center of the Alentejo. It is a georgeos house with basement, ground floor, first floor with a big veranda and attic. It is in the middle of now where with a lot of land and space around it. Just perfect!
Today I woke up, thinking of this house and how much I wish I would live there and make it the most beautiful house where I would live so very happily.
The thing is, I would never ever ask mortgage to a bank, I think this is bull**** and people should work for there dreams without beeing obliged to be paying bills every month. I know many people who have mortgage and are so very unhappy with all the bills and problems, that is one of the reasons and I want to be free without beeing obliged for something. If you want to reach for something, start dreaming and wishing everyday with what you want and one day you will get it.
My dream and my wish is that I will have this house one day, that I will be waking up in my turqoise room, that I will have a beautiful garden around my house and that I will live very very happily in the house of my dreams!!!

This beautiful flower is groing in my garden now. 

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