sábado, 3 de março de 2012


I´ve been some days in my favorite city Évora for the inauguration of the two contest I participated in. It was great to be back in Évora, because I´ve lived there for four years and it were the best years of my life. It was great to see many of my friends and it was great to see my art hanging for the very first time on a wall for the contest exposition. This makes me very proud, to see my art in an exposition so other people can see it (even if it is only one piece and it is for the contest). I didn´t win, but that doesn´t matter, because it was fun to participate.

This was my art piece, it is a window in Évora and I did cut, glue, paint it and this is wat it became.

My friend Silvia Lopes with her painting.

This was the winner of the painting contest. He absolutely did a great job and his painting is beautiful!

This was from the cartoon selection. It looks really great and it is made on the computer. This man is a famous homeless man who lives on the streets of Évora. His name is Sr. Luís and he´s a kind of filosofer. I love him, he´s so kind!

Also here we have got Sr. Luís on a poster from the grafhic design selection. He was in many art pieces.

This boy was the only one who had participated in the sculpture selection.  

This was at night at the famous Harmonia bar, celebrating the day. (I got a bit to drunk drinking nice wine, ha ha ha)

This beautiful stencil was in my room where I stayed at my friends house, I really love it!

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