segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2012


Sometimes I look at other blogs and I think by myself: MAN! Why have they got so much fame? or Why have they got so many readers??? Maybe because they are good looking, or maybe because they have got a lot of money to buy nice stuff with a brand name... Me, I´m just a normal girl, well, a kind of crazy hippie girl, but that is not the point, and of course I want many readers and followers also, just like every one. I try to please my readers, but what I really think what is most important in my blog, is that I put the things wich I like and apreciate...maybe they´re not many people like me and that´s why I haven´t got many followers or maybe my blog is just not interesting enough... I just want to show a bit of my life and my lifelove to the that strange? Doesn´t everyone want there 15 minutes of fame? What do you think?

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