domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011


 It started with such a cosy feeling...

 Our Christmas tree full of presents.

 My very happy love.

 Our oven where we made the stuffed turkey and orange duck...yum yum!

 My dear friend Julia in her very funny Christmas outfit, she looked great!


 My parents, me and my love.


Standing next to one of the famous MADEROS.

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. My parents came, my love´s family came and all of my friends who couldn´t be with there family, came to my house and we had the greatest christmas dinner. Everybody helped and all together we prepared a roasted stuffed turkey, roasted orange duck, jacked potatos, salad, shrimps, cakes...oooooohhh it was to much! But delicious!
After dinner we went to visit the famous Maderos, these are big fires in front of each church spread all over the village. At each fire we make a little stop and have a drink, looking to the big fire. It is really great to be part of this traditional happening. This year was a really great christmas and I´m very happy!

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