quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Busy Busy Christmas Preparing

Yesterday I started to make my own packing paper. I saw this idea on a blog, but unfortunelly I can´t remember where I saw this (if the person, who has this blog I´m talking about, reads this message, please comment on this post for me to get back to your blog).
So I started to cut out a simple design out of a linoleum plaque, then I passed paint on top of it with a sponge and pressed it to the brown packaging paper, took it of and voilá, a nice colorfull print on simple paper (as you can see on the picture on top of this message). I´ve been working on this several hours and couldn´t stop untill having the whole paper printed late at night.
Today I had a crazy idea and made some funny christmas post cards (see pictures 1, 2, 3). I printed my picture (from yesterday´s post) on colored paper, cut it, paint it with colorfull pencils, put on some glitter, put on top of the whole post card transparent sticky paper, write christmas greetings on the other side and voilá, there you´ve got a personal christmas card.
I was busy today! But it was a lot of fun and people will have a good laugh looking at my crazy face.

Ah! And don´t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!
    I´m giving to one of my readers a beautifull dreamcatcher necklace that I´ve made.

2 comentários:

  1. Trop cool!Beau travaille, jolie idée!
    Joyeux noël à vous deux.

  2. haha so sweet! I would cherish it =)


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