domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011


Two really cool bodysuits, two very confy bra´s and one comfy triangle top from American Apparel.

Here I´m wearing American Apparel bodysuit, vintage silk skirt, vintage sabrina from Stradivarius, Versage for H&M ring.

Friday I received my order from American Apparel. But I got a little upset, took me a long time to choose the things I wanted to get the over 100€ free shipping and free gift. But...then I got a mail, telling me they didn´t have all the things I wanted  and they send me the bill, there where I had to pay for the free gift and the shipping because the order wasn´t over 100€ anymore!
I got a bit angry and told them to cancel the whole order! I got a mail back, telling me I wouldn´t be paiying the shipping, neither the free gift. So friday I got the package, missing some things that they will be sending me later, but still didn´t get the whole discount, still payed more then half of what the discount would of been.
Now what I hope, is that when they send me the rest of the order, is that they will take of the rest of the discount, or else it ain´t very fair!
Because you do your shopping, thinking that you get your discount and your free gift, but in the end you still pay because of there error! So I tell you, be carefull when you do online shopping, thinking you will get your discount, because with tricks like this they will always get there money.

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