quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Tea for breakfast

I just love tea! My day always starts with a cup of earl grey tea, with a bit of milk and a spoon of sugar wich my sweet boyfriend makes for me everyday.
 In the first picture you can see a yellow thé au jasmin package, it is a jasmin tea my mother brought for me from Thailand,
behind it is a green tea I bought in spain, actually very cheap, just 1,50€! Next to that package is a gun powder green tea, wich is almost finished and you can see my tea mug with a blue dragon on it. This mug I already use for years and hope I will use it for many more years!

                                                               My little tea corner 

This tea I bought in france last year. It is a biological white vanilla tea, I thought it would be very nice but actually it ain´t so nice! Oh, well the tin box is just beautiful! 

This is an old Pickwick (dutch brand of the best teas ever!) tea tin box. It is very cute because it represents a little tea shop and has pictures on all sides.

Here are just some more tin cans where I keep tea and sweets. I love tin boxes or cans and have got already a little collection!

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