segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

Freekuency photos

 Hoola Hoop workshop
 This was our dancefloor, the space in front was used for fire shows at night time
 This was a funny atraction, you could go into it and turn all upside down
 My friend Ruth making pizza in her pizza restaurante, I realy love her t-shirt
 These were some funny looking marionetes
 This was such a beautiful colored sound system, I love it!
 A girl playing with a magic flying stick
 This was the biggest sound system from the festival playing tecno hardcore, not realy my piece of cake
 This sound system I enjoyed, it was the trance dancefloor
 This was a funny air atraction

 Me too!!!
Dancing magic lady
 This was a realy great theater show while nice Drumm&Bass music was playing, so you could enjoy the show and dance together

This was the lifeband tent
Our little pancake shop at night time

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