quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012


The other day I received a package in the post from holland, from my dearrest mom, for the Sinterklaas celebrations.
Today it is Sinterklaas his birthday, so whole Netherlands will be celebrating it!
Sinterklaas is a tipical dutch celebration for the kids (but adults love it to!). The kids before going to bed, put there shoe next to the fireplace. In the shoe there´s a wishlist of all of there favorite toys they want and a carrot or some straw inside it, and also a bowl of water for the horse of Sinterklaas. Then they sing a tipical Sinterklaas song and go to bed, imagining what they will get the next day and if they will get anything, because you´ll had to be good this year to get something! The next day the kids go and see if they got something, and normally there´s a little present like a chocolate letter of there name, or little chocolates and a little toy.
Then the 5th and 6th of December it is Sinterklaa´s his birthday, so on this day the whole family gets together and give presents to each other, specially to the kids. It is funny, because the tipical jute bag with the presents is left behind in front of the door where the family is celebrating. Somebody suddenly knocks on the door, this is suppose to be Sinterklaas (but normally it´s the neighboor), the kids get all excited and go and see if Sinterklaas is still there, so they open the door but nobody is there except for the big bag full of presents. I remember celebrating this with my family and it was always a lot of fun!

Tipical chocolate letters and the bag on the right is full with tipical "pepernoten", these are little spiced cookies.

 Isn´t this chocolate letter just georgeos? It is the most beautiful letter I have ever received.

Look out! The chocolate mice are eating my chocolate letter!

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