sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012


I was reading some comments on my blog and that is why I´m doing this post. It makes me very very happy when I get a comment! Especially when someone tells me how great my blog is and when I get a new follower. I want to thank you all readers and followers for this!
Blogging for me is an hobby and I love it! I love to show a bit of my crazy life, what I do or create, cool pictures I find, cool blogs I read because it is a lot of fun!
I don´t blog everyday because sometimes I´m just not into the mood or haven´t got time, sometimes I just post one post and sometimes I get crazy and do more posts on a day.
Thank you so much for your attention, it gives me more and more satisfaction to be blogging more times.

Kiss Kiss Mercedes

3 comentários:

  1. All cool, like that you are true to yourself, one more reason to like your blog. It makes me happy too, fantastic!

  2. I feel the same! Connexion is the best. I do love the colors and text on your blog, and I also love your True Voice.
    Come say hi anytime! Love Moxie
    P.s. 2 more days n my Giveaway

  3. Glad to hear that comments make you happy! Hope this brings some sunshine into your day! =)



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