segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012


Just look at these adorable houses! I love them, they are so cute and interesting! Made with a lot of inspiration and love.

Wich house would you chose to live in?

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  1. re: hi! thank you very much :) and that's so true, what you say..
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  2. I love that colorful house. It looks like a doll house but I am pretty sure that it is a real house. Where is it located? I want to take some photos of it (If ever I do have the chance).

  3. Hi there philippine real estate, I can´t help you because I got the pictures from internet. Maybe you can enlarge the picture with the car and discover where the car is from. Good luck!

  4. Brilliant, love your out look on life and that you see and appreciate things true to your essence. Great blog. Thank you for sharing.


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