quarta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2013


Hi every one! Here´s just a glimp of me of what I´ve been doing...
You know it´s summer time, so I´m not so much into blogging and beeing on the computer, prefere to be outside at the beach and into nature partying all the time!
But I´m gonna show some nice pictures, hope you like them!

I love this picture of me and my dog Samson!

This was our camp with view to the ocean.

My beautiful friends Ana (picture up) and Mariana (picture down)

We had almost every day free fresh fish.

Having a relaxing moment after dinner.

Some beautiful starfish that we had cought. I was watching them for hours, it are such amazing animals!

We caught an octopussy!

This is our rave party we set up for the weekend when the festival FMM Sines was going on, it was hard working but all worth! This is already the sixt year we organize this party and I´m so proud of it because we are a bunch of good friends doing a great job!

Love this girls hair, it is exactly the color I use!

My boyfriend and a good friend playing some nice tunes.

 And here we are after the whole cleaning up of the party place, ready for next year!

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