sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012


I finally bought my new camera, the Fujifilm S 24x. I actually did a very good buy, I got mine for only 179.90€, comparing with other country´s where I have seen my camera for more ten or twenty euros. I bought my one in France.
I´ll be taking and sharing a lot of new pictures soon and I think I´m going to create a new blog with only Panorama pictures. I´ve discovered this function on my camera and I´m having a lot of fun with it, taking Panorama pictures in different angles is a lot of fun!
Now I wanted to ask YOU, what do you think about a new blog with only Panorama pictures???
I´m curious about your answers so if you want you´re free to answer me or tell me about you´re experience with Panorama pictures.

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