terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012


I´ve been away for a while, but when summer comes I´m not so into blogging because I´m always busy preparing summer works. This past weekend I´ve been at the WOMAD festival in Caceres. It was really great! I´ve seen great music, found lovely people and had a lot of fun. I´ve seen a great portugese band DEOLINDA, we were with only some portugese people but we were the best! Here´s a picture from me together with my friend Dario from when I was watching DEOLINDA acting...

Here is a picture from the Placa where the festival was.

If you wanna see more pictures from the festival you can see them here

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  1. I love Womad! I'm in england so I always go to the one here but it's so cool to hear about the ones around the world- glad you enjoyed yourself- the music's great!


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