terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012


I´ve found some nice pictures from the Freekuency Festival where I was working, because I didn´t bring any camera with me (duh! stupid) here there are some I´ve found.

 The first night there were fire works going on. It was quite cool!

 Even Kermit the frog was around!

 One of the fun shows from the festival.

 A beautiful little festival baby with ear protection.

 The main bar where I have passed many good swinging nights!

 Planet - Not Profit

 My friend Mark doing fire show. This was the area we (me and friends) organized.

 One of the many sounds systems.

 The Pirate Boat stage, this was the coolest stage ever!

 The bar of the Pirate Boat stage, looks very cool!

One of the many many trucks that came. Looks very good with the painting!

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