domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

La vie en France ces´t belle!

Back home in Portugal again after three lovely weeks of working in nature, picking beautiful apples in the French country side. It was such a great time! I´ve met nice people, visited a Music festival in the city of Tulle (just had one bad luck here, twisted my anckle again!) sold my handycraft on the local market, played some good drums together with all the friends I see every year when I´m there, it was so much fun! And now I´m totaly confused...the wether here in Portugal is not very normal for this time of the year. It is still very hot and no rain! I still have got this feeling that I´m still going to France and that summer ain´t over yet at all!
I miss vie en France ces´t belle!!!
Well, no worry´s, I´m full of new ideas, I´m going to make a muppet scene out of wood, paint it, invent some nice story´s, play with the muppets and represent it on schools. It all started when I bought some ancient muppets on a secondhand fair in France and started to invent story´s and like that the whole idea of making the scene came along. I will post pictures of the whole process as soon I start!

And, of course, I´m going to be busy making some nice new jewelry to put here selling in my blogshop!
Now I´ve got all the time of the world, so I´m going to try to post as much as possible! Keep following me!

Here are some pictures from the music festival Nuit de Nacre in Tulle that I´ve visited
Beeing creative with colors

 My friend Julia dancing with a little girl and the band Place des Arts playing there very cool music
Julia playing with her pois

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