quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

France here I come!

Today I will be leaving to France for my summerjob peach picking (yum yum), so no blogging for a while. I will try my best to post something once in a while, but it is going to be hard because...I won´t bring the camera (it is from my boyfriend and he will need it), I won´t bring the computer, but my friend who I´m going with will and she will bring her camera, so I hope I have time.
After the job, I will for sure, buy my own camera (I´m wishing this for a long time, but had no money to buy the one I wan´t) and get crazy taking pictures!
When I´m back, summer has started like crazy here and I will be going to this really great music festival Musicas do Mundo, in Sines. This festival is very special to me and my boyfriend, because we met here and started dating since then, so this year we will be celebrating three years of love! And we will set up our own dancefloor, like we have always done every year. It is going to be a lot of fun!
I wish all of you readers a great summer, don´t forget to pass by once in a while to check if I wrote about anymore of my adventures in France and feel free to comment.
Au revoir mes amis...

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