quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

This is my lovely dog Samson, I just love him so much! I´m writing about him now because he came to me with the most sweetest look looking at me and asking me for some love, so he deserves some attention here on my blog. Love you sweetheart!

And here is a funny picture I found. It is me on my vintage Peugeot bike taking a ride in Bordeaux (France). I bought this bike in a second hand shop in France, it did cost me with some reparings 100euro but I´m realy happy with it. And I drove around for six days (200km) next to the french coast, making a camp and fire every day in the middle of the woods together with a friend who also bought a Peugeot bike but a newer one than my one. I´m still waiting for some pictures she made.

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