sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

This was 2010...

Here are some pictures from this last year. They are in descending order from now to past. Hope you like and enjoy them!

Me painting one of the outside doors.
My sweetheart next to the wood heater he just installed.

This is the view from my window...
My little working corner, it still looks quite nice here, now it is a mess with all the christmas present rapping.

My bedrooms window, here is were I work and look at the great view.

This is in my room from my new house.


Rizla she is so sweet!

The marionete from my friend Paulo, he gives great shows!

Old fashion oldys.

Our bikes ready to go for our trip by the french west coast.

Cristina on her bike.

My crazy friend Tiço, I love this guy he is very funny, very stubborn and crazy.

Wine... we also went for grape picking, but I enjoyed more apple picking.
Rizla my boyfriends dog.

My boyfriend playing with our dogs.

My friend Orlando drumming away...

My beutiful friend Joana playing on her didgiridoo.


Claudia and Claudia, two beutiful girls.

Me and Elisabete, mmmmm big hug.

Magic forest mushroom.

My lovely dog Samson, I love him so much!

Me in fairyforest...
I love this picture from my friend Catarina, she looks very funny here!

My friend Leonor picking apples on our summerjob.


Rizla, my boyfriends dog.

Me on a sunny day!

This was our little chaishop, it was a big succes!

Yeah! Lets party!

My friend René (renegate is her dj name), she is a great dj!

This was the view from the roofwindow from our bus, it is the dancefloor from the freeflowfestival.

Raquel and me painting the boards for food and drinks.

Building up the party (freeflowfestival)

I like this picture from my friend Raquel, she looks realy nice here.

Sleeping Raquel on the way to the next party.
BOOM festival...

Me and Janna relaxing in a hammock...

This was at the end of the BOOM festival, the music just stopped and we were relaxing.

Fireshow, it was great!
Sofia my friend and...

my friend Mecy and my boyfriend Nuno, (and me but not here on pictures) went for a long swim to the BOOMs dancefloor. We had made a little boat to bring our drinks and we were drinking baileys on the way.
High light tribe, one of my favorite tribal trance bands

Me on BOOM festival selling chinese umbrellas, heartshaped sunglasses and beer .

Little Yasmin driving the big truck

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